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The Story

We are a fast-growing team, building a new a gaming community for hardcore players around the world. The story began in 2009, the time when we all were wondering when will our gaming experience would rise to the level of awesomeness. The story continues with several game events hosted with old members. We salute you for the cooperation and good teamwork. *S*

The Story So Far

It's 2013 and we are finally progressing with our operations =)

Currently, site admin positions are taken. We opened additional positions that will be explained soon.

- Development of ranks, promotions and awards are underway - Games and Quizzes update coming soon! - Home Page Slideshow update coming soon!

Eliminate dependency on one single leader, unite as a team to end corruption.

History of Team Stealth

July 22nd 2013: Avoided a Clan Battle for ReVeNGe , even tho we were ready to defend our clan name as is , duck decided to talk to CrossHair to avoid causing a battle even tho everyone one was locked and loaded to defened our version of TeamStealth. Our verison of Teamstealth rocked....however we must unite under one new and controllable banner by us alone. No outside forces will have superiority of our operations -Dorkyduck July 24th 2013:   Our Clan Had Successfuly updated Clan name from: TeamStealth to: TeamStealth Reborn and the entire clan is Finally Free from Crosshair's Version of TeamStealth Monarchy , this time everyone in the clan did re-unite under a new clan name , this time the clan's new tag is =TSR= , [TSR] and old tag =TS=,=ts=,=Ts=.ReVeNGe Added the Reborn at the end of Team Stealth which did help us re-unite and the New clan name is Team Stealth Reborn.

Team Stealth & Crosshair's Version of Team Stealth Merge

TeamStealth & Crosshair2 Merge Status

Team Stealth & Crosshair2's Merge Status as of January 12th 2014

The Merge was going to cause Team Stealth to collapse so it's status of coming soon ,got canceled.[1] The Merge Never Came or else we would have collapsed.

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