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My quick freewebs tutorial

My quick freewebs tutorial

Obieden.webs Tutorial (Updated)

About has a forums with lots of topics. The site has 9 Members and counting at the moment since the site's last recovery. The Video Section Features 78 videos and 50/78 are YouTube Poop Videos that are in the Comedy Category. All 78 videos are researched videos from YouTube and 8/78 videos are educational. even has photos and screenshots page since the public can upload photos to that page freely. The Website Links/Partners page features 13-14 websites. Registering on the Site Gives New Members a choice to register from the site or from login from FaceBook . The Site News gives the Latest Updates on , the latest new you will see is from 2011. The podcast that the site features are mostly classic songs and very few modern day songs. The Site has 3,500+ Visits from all over the world and counting! The Website Rules can be found in the documents page as a pdf file , V 0.0.1 is the very first version of the rules recovered and the current/updated one can be found under it.[4]

Website History was created & Launched March 24th 2007 by Stevenaramos ,The Original url to the site wich is still active  and motto to it was  originally "" & title "".The url update to & rearrangement of [5] did take place in mid 2009.The peak it hit in 2010 before it got hacked was around 600-670 and was very close to 700 members.From 2008-2009 other websites had redirected people to other sites and here is the Instructions to prevent site from redirecting you to another site : 1. click url , 2. hit stop at 2 seconds , 3. your now on , since the site's recovery in 2011 , the same thing from 2008-2009 had returned to is a Video Tutorial Of from February 5th 2010.[6]on March 5th 2010 did originally have a downloads page ,before it got hacked. In 2009 got it's own toolbarHere is what looked like on October 26th 2010 aka during the site's recovery process.[7] Here is the Original Website Tutorial of[8] Here is what Looked Liked on December 1st 2009.[9] On August 6th 2013 made a Microsoft Word Version of the original backup wich lasted on the English version of  Wikipedia for 24hrs. On March 20th and 21st 2011 was the first time having that issue on Wikipedia ,and again On August 4th - 6th on same articleand again on July 28th 2013 and August 7th 2013 but this time in Articles for Creation on Wikipedia.On August 6th 2013 attempted to make a user page as a last resort on Wikipedia. userpage articles for creation article

On August 8th 2013 Expanded to Wikia.

Website Recovery

When the Website got hacked and deleted by a hacker in August 2010 , it took a slow 6 months to recover every peace of data lost by February 2011 the site was fully recovered but members lost was the biggest toll on the site and it can take years for that to recover. The members part of the site has been in recovery since February 2011.On March 2011 , made an official Expansion site as an replacement for the downloads page.

Future Development

Created the  on August 10th 2013   and found that its more  complicaited to use than the wikia site.    

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